Jacksonville Wedding Rentals | Nocatee Crosswater Hall, Kaitlyn and David

Kaitlyn and David held their wedding at Nocatee Crosswater Hall in Ponte Vedra, just minutes from Jacksonville. We love how creatively they used the space- opting for an indoor ceremony and a tented reception outside. Usually, couple’s will have their ceremony on the greens and hold the reception upstarts in the Nocatee room.

Adair with Dairing Events created a beautiful design and really utilized Southern Charm’s inventory (which we love- because we’re so much more than just Vintage furniture rentals). Here is the full list:


Nathan Trunk, Skye Buffet, Lindsay Armchair, Ashleigh Sofa, Caesar End Table


Black and Wood Checkers, Yard Jenga, Corn hole


Thelma, Alice & Zoey Mirror Trays


Gold Easle + g

Gold Easle + g

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