Alternatives to flowers on your wedding day | Why you still need a florist!

We all know that couple that says “I’m just not that into flowers”.  Well, all we have to say to that is – we can help you! Centerpieces without flowers are absolutely an option. But a reception with no solid design can turn out to be a bit lackluster! In addition to being great florists, most floral teams are also brilliant design teams. We happen to know the best in the area… and also happen to have some amazing rental items to jazz it all up!  If you want minimal or zero flowers at your reception, let’s talk logistics below!


Ever heard of the rule of thirds? Creating movement though pattern or color? Do you know how vertical lines feel versus horizontal? Probably not, but your florist does! In addition to being well trained in the floral realm, your florist is a creator. They love putting things together that go well and can help you to create a design for your event that looks amazing and is intentionally gorgeous without a bud in sight. They also often have many, many non-floral elements like lanterns, candelabras, candles and votives already in their (or our) inventory for you to select from!

The Muscle

So you’d like to do a lantern in the middle of the table with a series of different votives. Awesome! How will you get these to the venue? When are you allowed access to the space? How long do you have to set up? Who will set up? Is that person needed elsewhere during the time given to you for set up? How will all these pieces leave? Where will they go? Should you store them or sell them? YIKES! That is a lot of logistics just to get some lanterns on the tables. Guess who deals with these types of problems on a regular basis and is equipped to solve them – your florist (and planner)! Florists have back up candles for days, they don’t have to follow a detailed picture of something you set up on the dining room tables, and they’ll never forget to fill you floating candles with water!

The Support

Sometimes the hardest part of deciding on the perfect centerpiece is coming up with the perfect idea and pushing through even though you’d rather give up. Florists are in tune with brides and their needs in all kinds of ways that will help and encourage them throughout the process. Are you into music? Do you love the romance of candlelight? Are you trying to mix metals? All of these ideas can be exciting when you’re cruising through Pinterest but when it comes time to pull all those elements together you just can’t seem to get it to gel! Your florist is ready to help. They can lend an ear or a design eye and can’t wait to put together something that is uniquely you!

From designing the perfect centerpiece, to loading up all those lanterns and votives, to being on team bride – a florist is so much more than a flower pusher!

Personal Details

Even if you don’t want flowers at your ceremony,  decorating your signage, on your reception tables, or anywhere near your cake, you likely still want a bouquet. You may also want a boutonniere, corsage, floral crown, bridesmaids bouquets, or flower girl petals.  These are known as personal flowers. Sure, you could DIY it. But, there is potential risk and stress with every DIY project – leave this one to the pros! While you’re chatting them up, don’t be afraid to ask them for a little advice for “non-floral” decor. You might be surprised to hear what they have available to help you achieve the look you’re going for!

Below are some of our favorite non-floral decor ideas.  Our blog is full of it! Browse around 😉 You can also check out our inventory hererustic candle holders Epping Forest Yacht Club. Indian Wedding Planner Jacksonville

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