Jacksonville Wedding Planner: Festive Mehndi Party at River Club

Pranoo kicked off her wedding weekend with a traditional Mehndi party for all of the wonderful women in her life!

For everyone in the western world who doesn’t know what a Mehndi party is, it’s a pre-wedding celebration with henna painting. It is believed that henna gives blessings, luck, and joy; the bride is covered with henna from mid arm to hand and also part of her leg down to her feet with intricate detail.

While the bride had her henna done the night before she had two henna artist there for all of her family and friends to get the full Mehndi party experience. Pranoo and some of her guests dressed in traditional Indian clothing, from the beautiful saris to the exquisite bangles that filled their arms.

Pranoo hosted this beautiful Mehndi party at the River Club in downtown Jacksonville; the 360-degree views of downtown Jacksonville paired with the amazing Indian cuisine and unique henna designs made for a wonderful night with all of her loved ones.

This beautiful bride was so grateful for the whole evening from the great service of the staff to the small details of the beautiful centerpieces, she told us “It’s everything I wanted and more.”

It was such a beautiful evening filled with laughter and happy tears, we cannot wait to see Pranoo and Paul tie the knot.

If you missed it earlier this year, we also blogged about Pranoo & Paul’s engagement party,  here. Stay tuned for Part Two of their celebration!

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