Your Wedding Plan B – How to be prepared for Rain on your Wedding Day!

Every bride’s worse fear is the “Plan B” talk. I mean can you blame them? They plan their special day basically right after he pops the question; then a few days out they check the weather and boom 60% chance of rain their special day.

Let’s face it we live in Florida it rains most of the spring and summer months, so it’s always good to prepare yourself for those 2 words, “Plan B” if you are planning a wedding during those rainy months.

While many may stress about this and run around the day of trying to change their whole wedding to fit this rain plan, Southern Charm Events handles this effortlessly and days before.

It’s never easy to tell a bride that we have to create this “Plan B,” but Tanya and Paige handle it with ease.

They try to stick to the original plan so the bride is happy but have things set in place in case they have to switch over to “Plan B” in the middle of the wedding day.

Tanya and Paige visited a venue this past week for a wedding happening that same weekend, to create the dreaded “Plan B.” As they were at the venue, they made sure to pay attention to all the details that go into this special day. Not leaving one thing out, from moving the outside seating inside and working closely with the staff of the venue to make sure everyone was on the same page.

They discussed the whole day, making a few adjustments for the possible rain but also taking into account some of the day that can be enjoyed outside as planned. Tanya and Paige do such a great job utilizing the time during events that can still be enjoyed how the bride wanted, while also planning ahead for the rain and having things in motion for the “Plan B.”

Southern Charm Events handles these “Plan B” situations with grace, giving the bride peace of mind to enjoy her special day.