Wedding Guest Etiquette Rules

So many people forget about etiquette this day in age! So, let’s have a quick chat about wedding guest etiquette rules.

I think this article seen on BuzzFeed totally rocks. Pop on over, take a read, then come back here to read a few more points that I feel are worth adding!

1) Let’s discuss bringing a gift to a wedding. Please don’t. The bride and groom, MOB (that’s Mother of the Bride) or planner has to worry what to do with them at the end of the night. If you want to get a gift, great! But please send it to their home per the registry.

2). Yes, it’s a party! But this does not mean you are to see how much alcohol you can consume on someone else’s dime (and then be a smart a#% the rest of the night). Be an adult about your alcohol consumption. And be smart about getting yourself home too!

3). And lastly, for the love of God! That pretty plate looking thing at your seat is a charger, not an oversized plate to take to the buffet or not a place to stick your gum. Enjoy the day and make sure you remember who’s day it really is.