Through the Eyes of an Intern

I recently asked one of my interns, Kristi Riley, to write me an article about the last wedding she worked with us through her eyes.  This is how Kristi saw the day:

The last wedding that I interned with Southern Charm Events was anything but dull.  The wedding and reception took place at Palm Valley Gardens in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  It was elegant and absolutely beautiful with deep red and silver colors in keeping with the Christmas theme.  There was rain in the forecast, however, it turned out to be a sunny and beautiful, warm winter day.  From the first moment we arrived on the wedding site we were hopping.  

The first hurdle of the day was the bride’s father.  He had fallen the night before the wedding and was taken to the emergency room with a very large gash in his leg.  Nobody was sure he would be able to walk his daughter down the aisle.  Luckily, he was able to pull it off….thank God for prescription drugs!

One of the groomsmen had lost weight since the last time he had tried on his tux.  We had to pin him up to prevent any accidents.  The grooms vest was too big….luckily Tanya has a HUGE emergency kit.  This kit has everything imaginable! It has Pepto, antacids, safety pins, panty hose, make up remover and everything you can think of.  About 10 minutes before the bride was to walk down the aisle, one of the bridesmaids ripped her dress.  Of course, Tanya had a sewing kit and was able to sew her in her dress (which stayed in one piece all night.) 

After the groomsmen and the bridesmaids walked out, it was time for the flower girl.  The little 4 year old girl had a very long walk from the house to the garden by herself.  Once she realized that everyone was looking at her she got embarrassed and decided that it would be best to cover her eyes.  With her eyes covered, she could not see the pond beside her that she fell right in to.  Other than being wet, she was fine.  The wedding went on and was a success.  

During the reception, the bartender came up to Tanya and told her we were running out of beer.  With an open bar and a drinking crowd, this did not make the bride’s dad happy.  I made a run to the liquor store and stocked up just in time.  Nobody even knew that there was almost a bar disaster.  

As the band started up and everyone danced and greeted the bride and groom, we helped the catering staff clear tables; we loaded gifts in the appropriate cars, passed out bubbles and cookies, and stayed BUSY! I heard so many people tell Tanya what an amazing job she did.  It was so much fun and so much work at the same time.