I Got a Ring – Now What Do I Do?

Congratulations! So you got the ring and are now engaged? What do you do first? Where do you start? How much does a wedding cost? Do I have to pick my date first? These are some of the most common questions of newly engaged couples.

The very first thing you should do is sit down and create a budget. This is a very easily done task that many folks skip or wait until later to do. By doing it first you know exactly what you can spend and where you can spend it. Once you have a budget in place it is a lot easier to find your venue and start working on an available date.

Many people are afraid of doing a budget but in reality you will save money by preparing a budget and sticking to it. A Professional Wedding Planner can assist you with preparing a budget that is both realistic and workable. We have many years of experience knowing what wedding items cost and where you can get the most “bang for your buck.” If you are unsure of the amounts to allow for items or where to place the most emphasis, contact a local Wedding Planner and ask if they do budget preparation. Our company offers a budget preparation meeting wherein we allow up to 2 hours of our time for $100.00. We provide the budget forms and assist the newly engaged couple with this daunting task. If the couple decides to hire us to plan their wedding they receive a $100.00 credit toward any package. How can you go wrong?

You should always have a little extra built into your budget for unforeseen events or items. The cost of items can vary depending on many factors such as the costs of gasoline. Vendors will charge more if gasoline is at a premium price, while venues may give you a break on their minimums if the economy has been bad for them. In addition to relieving a lot of stress down the line a budget will make both you and your family happy in the long run. There are always factors to look at when preparing a Wedding Budget, therefore getting some professional help in preparing it is your best option. But whether you seek out a Professional Wedding Planner or DIY, prepare a budget before you start looking at dresses, venues, or anything wedding. You will be much better prepared for the adventure you are about to undertake.