The DJ Did Not Follow My Timeline!!!

One of the biggest mistakes Brides and Grooms make in hiring a DJ is not doing their homework.  Anyone can play music, but it takes a professional to be able to have the music organized, know exactly when to play the music, when to make the introductions, work with a wedding planner and watch for the planner’s cues, know how to correctly pronounce names as well as dress and act appropriately at a wedding.   Your DJ can make or break your wedding reception!  They are both the number one complaint and number one applause at weddings. So be very careful when selecting a DJ for your big day.  
DJ’s can be very charismatic and on first meeting one you are taken in by their charm and enthusiasm.  They have so much energy you want to hire them on the spot!  Buyer beware!    

Before you select a DJ for your wedding, make sure they have done more than one wedding in the past. Ask if they have worked with a wedding planner. I find there are a lot of DJ’s that have never worked with a planner and just wing it, so when they are presented with a detailed timeline they don’t want to be told what and when to do things. A lot of these DJ’s seem to not want any direction ahead of time from anyone and only want the Bride and Groom to provide them with a list of songs and then allow them [the DJ] to “run the show.” It does absolutely no good for a Bride to hire a wedding planner and go through all the hours of putting together a timeline for the DJ to just ignore it.
Paul Deland of D’Land Entertainment says, “A good DJ needs to be a team player. The DJ is essentially a servant to the party.” He explained, “All DJ’s have egos; that’s what makes them standout in this business.” However, they need to channel these egos into serving the party and the Bride and Groom.

Kris Parnell of Footloose Entertainment says, “Ask them if they carry insurance. “ By the way; all of your wedding vendors should answer yes to this question. Ask them what professional training they have had. Ask them to what professional networks and organizations do they belong. Ask them what area of experience do they have. Have they primarily played for parties, clubs, etc.? Then ask and listen to your wedding planner or other vendors, specifically ask your venue.

It may seem like a huge difference in price when interviewing DJ’s, but be educated on what a wedding DJ needs to be able to do and make sure the one you hire will be able to perform! You may spend a little more in the beginning but in the long run, you will be much better off with an established and professional wedding DJ.